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Tracey Lawrence, MS


Full disclosure:

Graphic Detail, Inc. is a one-woman company run by Tracey Lawrence, Master of Science, Digtial Imaging and Design. You may view my resume here.

Why two companies?

Graphic Detail is for static graphics: essentially print and web. TraceFX is for video, motion graphics and cable TV. if you contact me, we can discuss your marketing needs, whatever they might be. Call me what you like, but do call me: 973-962-1880.

Unless you're looking for work. I am not currently hiring.

How do we know you're for real?

I designed this web site. I blog. I develop BUSINESS YOUTUBE CHANNELS. I offer samples of my work for your consideration, organized by type of work, under the "What" menu above. (See the Gallery Directory sub menue for a listing of types of work that might be of interest).