gdlogowhite Small Business Media Consultant

A few words from those who've been "detailed"...

"What I learned from you was INVALUABLE!! Thank you for your patience & knowledge." – Anne Gibbons, Cartoonist & Illustrator

"Tracey...picked up everything we threw at her, earning high praise from clients and colleagues. From file preparation to film separations to creating illustrations, she handled any tasks with aplomb. Her skill set grew so quickly, we engaged her to train other staff members in desktop applications. Any time we needed help, she was there for us." – Michael Caravaglia, GM Seven Worldwide

"What I respect most about Tracey was her personal drive to make sure that everything she taught in the classroom was exactly as it was in every day business. She not only brought her background but also brought the industry in as well." – Annette Wolf Bensen, AnGen Services

"Tracey has proven to be one of the most knowledgeable, capable, and well informed designers to date. Tracey has exhibited extensive knowledge of the latest graphic design software and at times has taught me many efficient and accurate methods of digital design and production." – Andrew G. Marino, Marino Design

"...the ONLY PROFESSOR to score a perfect evaluation on a course from last semester's student evaluations!" – Lloyd Carr, Associate Professor, New York City Technical College

"...a top professional who knows the importance of meeting time lines. She was a consultant to us for over 5 years... You would be well served by associating yourself with Tracey." – Alan Anderson, GM, Anderson and Associates

"...your video really captured the day. Thanks so much." – Mayor Wenke Taule, Borough of Ringwood NJ

"Tracey has been a great help to us." – Russ Bischoff, The Craftsmen Printers

"This creative, perky short film is all about the effective use of post-production effects. In the Eye of the Beholder is a visually entertaining... production with an original script by director/producer Tracey Lawrence. We’ve all experienced the issue of self-image and the film captures that issue with an upbeat ending. Lawrence is crafty in using music and sounds to support the storyline and mood of the film.” – Thomas Baker, Ph.D., Chairperson, The Accolade

AGC's Outstanding Instructor of the year 2001.